• Account can be opened with a minimum amount of K100,000, and ceiling deposit is not prescribed.
  • 8.85 per cent interest for one-month deposit.
  • 9 per cent interest for three-month deposit.
  • 9.25 per cent interest for six-month deposit.
  • 9.5 per cent for nine-month deposit and
  • 10 per cent for one-year deposit will be offered.



Opening of Accounts

Accounts can be opened either individually or jointly by two and above or in group under the name of companies / organizations.


Upon completion of depositing period, the principals can be withdrawn together with interests.


Loans can be received with fixed deposit account book given as guarantee.

Joint Account Holders

In the event of the death of one of the joint account holders, the bank will close the joint account and allow the joint holder(s) to withdraw the money unless the bank has not been directed otherwise.

Interest Calculator