Bank Guarantee

guarantee certificates will be issued to facilitate the completion of contracts signed for doing business activities. Issuance of
Guarantee (or) Performance Guarantee

Guarantee or Performance Guarantee means the bank intervention by issuing
Guarantee in the following cases:

  • when mutual trust is required for monetary-related matters in entering into a business agreement;
  • when guarantee is required for timely completion of short-term and long-term projects implemented between the government and private organizations; and
  • when guarantee is required for tender/action purposes.

The requirements for the customers who wish to apply for

  • Current A/C with the bank under the name of the applicant.
  • Original document and the copy related to the tender/auction for the project for which the guarantee is sought.
  • Property ownership documents and deposit A/C of the applicant as guarantee in addition to the collaterals for the amount of money that is required to be guaranteed by the bank.
  • Business-related documents of the applicant, the company license, article of association and memorandum of association, (Form-6; Form-26; Form-E).
  • Meeting minutes of the board of directors.
  • Copies of citizenship scrutiny certificate and household list.
  • Original letter of recommendation from the Ward Administrator’s Office.

As the
Guarantee is invalid upon expiry of the term, the original
Guarantee issued by the initial bank shall be given back to the bank.