Overdraft Loan

Flexibility is the key word for this loan. You have options to use the amount you want, at the time you want, for the period you want. A Current Account is required for this loan and you can overdraw money from your account balance within the approved limit by the bank. Interest is only calculated on the amount you use for the period you use. Excellent product for short-time fund requirements for working capital. Maximum loan tenor is 1 year.

Medium Term/Long Term Loans

A business loan that is best suitable for business expansions and long-term investments. Maximum loan tenor is 3 years which is sufficient investment time period for your business to get to the next level.

Hire Purchase Loan

A loan type you can purchase an asset by paying monthly installment throughout the loan tenor. With the down payment of 30%, you can start using it and will be owned at after making monthly payment by Equal Monthly Instalment method. The following assets can be purchased by HP program

  • Heavy Machinery
  • Automobiles and other Vehicles
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Generator
  • Software & Hardware
  • Solar Dryer
  • Gold & Jewelry
  • Rice Mill & Spare Parts

Project Loan

The type of loan provided for as short-term and long-term project as per the project plan.

Lien Loan

A loan that you can get by providing your Deposit Account as a collateral. Easy and efficient.

Bank Guarantee

A loan that you can get by providing your Deposit Account as a collateral. Easy and efficient.

Agricultural Loans

Loans will be provided for business in seasonal cultivation, seeds production, rice mills, livestock breeding, other agricultural activities, regional products manufacturing, model farm establishment and businesses that will implement the establishing of model farming.

Types of collateral acceptable by the bank

  • Immovable property (Documents verifying possession of property to be submitted as collateral)
  • Balance from deposit account (Lien)
  • Movable property (commodities and machinery to be submitted as collateral)
  • Gold and Jewellery.
  • The sales vouchers, agreements, documents proving possession, materials and things bought under the hire purchase system
  • Assignment of debt
  • Land Ownership Certificate Form 7 (Peasants, specialized companies and model farming land)
  • Project guarantee
  • Personal guarantee and other forms of guarantee accepted by the bank.