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Types of Loans

  • Loans
  • Overdraft
  • Agricultural / Livestock breeding loans
  • Hire / Purchase
  • Medium-term / Long-term loans and
  • Project loans

Sectors, which are entitled to loans

  1. Loans to support the development of divisional regions
    Loans will be provided to Small and Medium Enterprises, financial service institutions and hotels and tourism industries which can contribute towards regional development of respective divisional regions as well as to agricultural activities.
  1. Loans to support the agricultural sector development
    Loans will be provided to make available the capital investment and inputs needed for the development of agricultural sector as well as to spend on seasonal cultivation, seeds production activities, rice mills, livestock breeding, other agricultural activities, regional products manufacturing, model farm establishment and business enterprises that will implement the establishing of model farms.
  1. Loans to support the industrial sector development
    Loans will be provided to construction of infrastructure pivotal to development of export supporting processes, electric power projects, construction of deep sea port, Pathein port, industrial zone, rice mills for manufacturing of agricultural produce, go downs to store regional products as well as to renovation and upgrading activities.
  1. Loans for People’s Goods Industries
    Loans will be provided to manufacture personal goods as well as to manufacture value added goods for the development of agricultural sector and to buy farming implements on an installment basis, which contribute towards regional development.
  1. Bank guarantee documents and others
    Bank guarantee certificates will be issued to facilitate the completion of contracts signed for doing business activities.


The collaterals accepted by the bank as guarantee

  1. Immovable property (Documents verifying possession of property to be submitted as collateral)
  2. Balance from deposit account (Lien)
  3. Movable property (commodities and machinery to be submitted as collateral)
  4. Gold and Jewellery
  5. The sales vouchers, agreements, documents proving possession, materials and things bought under the hire purchase system
  6. Assignment of debt
  7. Land Ownership Certificate Form 7 (Peasants, specialized companies and model farming land)
  8. Project guarantee
  9. Personal guarantee and other forms of guarantee accepted by the bank.

Interest for loans
Annual interest rate is 13 per cent. The interest shall be paid in quarterly at the end of each quarter in end of June, September, December and March.

 Standing with you Business Banking

Suitable for companies, business, organization and enterpreneurs.


An annual interest rate of 8.7 % is offered.


10 % interest for 1year deposit.


6 % interest for 1year deposit.


Overdraft Agricultural / Livestock breeding loans, Hire / Purchase Medium-term/Long-term loans and Project loans.


Gold and silver wares and important documents can be kept in our lockers.


We can offer a more convenient and faster remittance to owns were there are their branch banks.

Payment Order

Commission is collected pyas 10 for K 100, and the commission ranges from K 100 to K 30,000.