Loan, Overdraft

The type of loans offered based on business and security.


Interest – 10%


Interest – 9%
Service Charges – 1%
Commitment Fees – 1%

Hire Purchase

Products that can be purchased through hire purchase are as follows:
a) Farming equipment
b) Agricultural equipment
c) Computer, computer accessories and office supplies
d) Car, motorbike and accessories
e) Consumer goods, telephone handsets, diamond and jewelry
f) Industrial equipment, generators, and machinery
g) Home appliances

Corporate Staff Loan

If the company guarantees for the loan and agrees to deduct payments from the monthly salary, the employees are eligible to apply for one-year loan with Equal Monthly Installment Method (EMI).

Project Loan
The type of loan provided for as short-term and long-term project as per the project plan.

Government Staff Loan

The type of loan offered in townships with A Bank branches.

Education Loan

The type of loan provided for students and working professionals to pursue professional development trainings, diplomas, master’s programs after paying for a certain percentage as the down payment. The re-payment is made in installments.