Safe Deposit Lockers can be used to keep your jewelries, important contracts, and other valuable assets securely.


The customer has to maintain a current account at A bank either in individual or joint or company or parties and associations in accordance with the current account’s rules.

  • Can access the Safe Deposit Locker during bank operating hours.
  • Important contracts and valuable items can be kept safely.
  • Safe Deposit Locker can only be opened with the assigned keys provided to the customer.
  • Can choose any size of locker that suits your needs.
Fees & Charges
  • Key Deposit – 200,000 MMK
  • Service fees – 5,000 MMK per usage

Notes: The deposit will be refunded upon returning the keys and if the keys are lost/damaged, cost of the key will be charged to the customer.

Scale Size Deposit Fees
1 M-3-15 3” 10” 23.62” 200,000 MMK Annual fees 30,000 MMK
2 M-4-9 5” 10” 23.62” 200,000 MMK Annual fees 50,000 MMK
3 M-5-6 10” 10” 23.62” 200,000 MMK Annual fees 100,000 MMK
4 Service fees per usage 5,000 MMK
Available Branches
  • Natmauk Branch
  • Shwe Bon Thar Branch