My name is Khaing Lwin Aung. I am working for Mandalay Branch in A Bank as Executive Manager.Financial institutions play an important role in the country’s economy. The role of banking grows more important with the economic growth of the country.Through various types of services and loans ( Loan , Overdraft, Agricultural Loan, Hire Purchase, Medium / Long Term Loans, Project Loan, SME Loan, Saving Deposit, Terms Deposit, Education Deposit, Special Deposit, Call Deposit, Performance Guarantee, Internal remittance, International remittance, International banking service etc.) , A Bank is enabling farmers, small and medium enterprises and other businesses . I am very glad to be working at A Bank.

My name is Myint Myint San. I am working for Loan Department in A Bank as Senior Executive. I would like to share my experience as a proud employee of A Bank. Since I joined A Bank in 2017, the Head of Department has shared valuable experience and knowledge with me. It has been such an enjoyable working environment as all of the colleagues are friendly, collaborative and team players. The Bank provide employee loans for the welfare of the employees. I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience related to various products and services which contributed a great deal to my professional career. I am really proud to be an A Bank employee.
We will be trying our best to improve A Bank’s image.
 Standing with you Business Banking

Suitable for companies, business, organization and enterpreneurs.


An annual interest rate of 7.00% p.a is offered.


8.00 % p.a interest for 1year deposit.


An annual interest rate of 5.00% per annum.


Overdraft Agricultural / Livestock breeding loans, Hire / Purchase Medium-term/Long-term loans and Project loans.


Short-term financing to the everyday operations of a business such as sales and marketing, product development, wages and other activities.


We can offer a more convenient and faster remittance to owns were there are their branch banks.

Payment Order

Commission is collected pyas 10 for K 100, and the commission ranges from K 100 to K 30,000.