Board of Directors

U Zaw Win Shein (Chairman)

U Zaw Win Shein is the founder of Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings Co., Ltd. He began building his business by establishing Ayeyar Hinthar Trading Company in 2006. Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings Co., Ltd continues to be a leading export/import company for oil and rice, with U Zaw Win Shein as its Chairman. He is also the Chairman of Victoria private hospital, founded in 2011, and Ayeyarwaddy based Pathein Industrial City (PIC), founded in 2012.

U R Yudh (Vice Chairman)

U R Yudh is the Vice Chairman of Ayeyar Hinthar Holding Co., Ltd. He began his career at the Myanma Economic Bank in 1971 and served for 22 years until 1993, after which he ventured into the rice trading industry. He expanded his portfolio with the additional role of Vice Chairman at A bank in August 2018. U R Yudh currently holds the positions of Vice Chairman at the Myanmar Rice Federation and Executive Member at UMFCCI.

U Ye Myat Soe (Vice Chairman)

U Ye Myat Soe joined A bank as Managing Director in 2015 and is currently a Vice Chairman. Prior to joining the bank, he was CEO of Horizon Telecom International Co., Ltd, where he served for 2 years and 4 months, from 2012 to 2014. From 1981 to 2012, he held positions at various oil and gas companies as geophysicists and technical advisors. U Ye Myat Soe received his B.Sc (Geology) in 1981 from Yangon University of Arts and Science, DAC in 1984 from Yangon University, and MBA in 2014 from Yangon University of Economics.

Mr. Chong Ho Yoon (Chief Executive Officer)

Mr. Chong Ho Yoon is the Chief Executive Officer of A bank, a position which he has held since January 2022. Mr. Chong Ho Yoon has held executive positions at various international financial institutions including JP Morgan Chase Bank (Bank One), American Express (New York), KB Bank Korea, HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank. He received his B.A from University of Akron and MBA from Ohio State University.

U Min Hlaing (Director)

U Min Hlaing is Director at A bank. He also holds the Managing Director position at Htet Oo Co., Ltd and Htet Oo Construction Co., Ltd. He received his B.Sc (Physics) in 1981 from Yangon University of Arts and Science.

U Ye Lin Htut (Director)

U Ye Lin Htut is Director at A bank. He also holds the Managing Director position at Tecia Technology Co., Ltd and San Trading Co., Ltd. He received his B.Sc (Mathematics) in 2001 from Yangon University.

U Myat Cho Win (Director)

U Myat Cho Win is Director at A bank. He also holds the position of Managing Director at Golden Mountain Co., Ltd. He previously occupied the position of General Manager at Asia World Co., Ltd. for 21 years from 1993 to 2014. He received his Bachelor of Commerce in 1981 from Yangon University of Economics.

U Zaw Lin Htut (Independent Director)

U Zaw Lin Htut has 19 years of both domestic and international experience at the senior management level in the banking industry and is currently an Independent Director at A bank. He is also CEO at the Myanmar Payment Union. He holds a B.Sc (Geology), MBA from Yangon University of Economics, and MA (Business Law) from Yangon University. He also has a Master in Management of Banking & Finance from the Solvay Brussels School of Economic and Management, Université’ Libre de Bruxelles and organized at National Economic University, Hanoi.

U Zin Oo (Independent Director)

U Zin Oo has 40 years of experience as a senior lawyer and legal advisor, and is currently working as an Independent Director of A bank. He obtained B.A (Law) in 1979 and also received his LLB in 1980. Since 1981, he has been a senior lawyer, as a law officer from 1982 to 1994 and as an external legal advisor from 1995 to 2021 at other companies and private banks.