Core Values

Our seven core values explain where we stand and our approach to everything we do, our unwavering commitment, and our passion for making a real difference for our people. They are our guiding principles and reflect the way we work in creating the best financial services to connect and inspire every Myanmar to build a better tomorrow.


Trust is at the heart of our banking operations, building consistency in every transaction and every interaction and reinforced over time with great responsibility.

We strongly believe that trust is the most fundamental tenet of the banking sector. We provide a banking experience that you can bank on to win the mutual trust of our customers, shareholders and all our stakeholders as the essential building block for the sustainable growth of our bank.

Since our inception, we have earned our customers’ trust by always empowering them with honest feedback. We’re strong, consistent, and dependable. Our Customer Experience is key to our success, and our team builds our strength to be of service without interruption in providing all essential banking services and stand with our customers even in the most testing and turbulent times in the Myanmar Banking sector. We sustain the trust of our customers with continued efforts to provide our services based on our expertise in banking and dedication to our customers.


We embrace diverse backgrounds and experiences to make us stronger.

Thus, we create a culture to support equality and root out any form of bias in our workplace. We build teams that celebrate and embrace our differences and educate on unconscious bias.

As a result, we leverage synergy and strengths from our diverse backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, faiths, and beliefs. This offers unrivaled opportunities for A bank and sets us apart. We promote and reward our team through an impartial meritocratic system and transparent governance to instill and ensure equality in our workplace.


We are building a fair and inclusive society. Together with our stakeholders, we’re creating a world where everyone can thrive.

Through our efforts in building A+ mobile financial services, A+ e-wallet app, Digital Banking, Nationwide bank branches, and agent network, we deliver products and services that are relevant and accessible to a greater population and transcend geographical limitations. We collaborate with our teams, partners, and communities. As a result, we are proudly contributing to our national financial inclusion goal to serve people from all walks of life.


We take great care of our people – we serve with humility and transparency.

At A bank, we take care of what’s important – people. We prioritize well-being and learning for ourselves and others. Care is echoing throughout our team’s built-in culture and DNA, helping people take care of themselves in health and spirit. Additionally, as the whole organization, we have consistently institutionalized caring in all our services and communications, building a reliable, trustworthy brand for people.

We take great pride in the role we play in building a brighter future for our people, customers, and communities. The time we give is the greatest gift and investment to express our devotion to the community. Each year, we commit thousands of CSR hours to social initiatives to give back to a wide spectrum of society and find a greater purpose through work. Furthermore, we have many initiatives prioritizing our efforts in serving the most vulnerable segments of our society through many flagship projects in areas working with farmers and pensioners.


We build long-lasting relationships and bring out the best in each other. Mentorship is the cornerstone of our efforts for empowerment in the workplace.

We strive to help all of our people reach their full potential. Creating a winning team and self-sustaining culture takes hard work. Embodying a prominent culture of mentorship enables a virtuous circle of learning and disseminating knowledge with one another to ensure our level of services is better.

Our teams thrive as they are given the freedom to decide, take ownership, and make things happen. We nurture the courage to step in, support people who are willing to speak up – encourage constructive challenge, speak up and lead by example. We make decisions based on facts and data.

Our management trainee program is one of the key programs highlighting our success in ensuring the transfer of knowledge and expertise through mentorship in many different departments of our bank and fostering new batches of leaders for sustainable growth.


We drive the flow of value to the market with agility in our culture, leadership, strategy, and governance to respond quickly and effectively to market changes and emerging opportunities.

In today’s business environment full of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, we believe in approaching the business sector and providing our banking services with an agile point of view. Having created squads to offer a holistic culture, we have incorporated end-to-end decision-making processes to deliver results and overcome the challenges and demands of the ever-changing industry.

At the whole organization level, our A bank is implementing many different projects both focusing on driving our business growth as well as building a sound foundation and system at the same with agile style work mode of cross-functional squad teams with clear goals and decision-making authorities and fully equipped with necessary expertise and skill sets.


We make a great investment of time, resources, and a willingness to change to innovate. We take the long view in our approach and ensure we make a difference for those making a difference. Together, we break new ground through our thinking, actions, and decisions.

Thus, throughout our growth journey, we have prioritized providing value propositions that will not only enrich the lives of individuals and businesses but also create a platform that will allow our customers’ businesses to achieve their highest potential. We have learned to adapt and innovate to the fastest and most ever-changing technological advances, economic conditions, and progress with time and the market.

Our team works together to serve our corporate and retail customers with our timely and innovative service offerings and products to meet their needs. Our focus and investment in our people and new technologies have enabled us to promptly turn our new and innovative ideas into our services and products.