Privilege Banking by A bank

THE ICONIC Conditions
(Fixed deposit of more than 6 months)
Superior privileges, Exclusive experiences 1,400 million MMK
Special privileges 500 million MMK

Criteria of THE ICONIC

  • Eligibility accrues only to actual named owner of A bank fixed deposit accounts, held in compliance with THE ICONIC terms and conditions and deposit as stated in above table.
  • Customer acknowledges that THE ICONIC membership can be applied only through an individual account type.
  • In the case where the customer fails to maintain the deposit to the conditions stipulated by the Bank, the Bank reserves the right to cancel THE ICONIC status of such customer and any privileges thereof, with effective immediately without any prior notice.
  • A bank reserves the right to modify terms and conditions of THE ICONIC privileges without prior notice.

Remark: Please refer privilege book for terms and conditions of privileges.