Annual General Meeting (AGM)

A bank holds its Annual General Meeting regularly in accordance with the Myanmar Companies Law (2018), Financial Institutions Law (2016) and the Directives issued by the Central Bank of Myanmar.
Followings are the list of A bank’s AGM that have been held in the past.
• 12 November 2016—First Annual General Meeting, Novotel Yangon Max, Yangon
• 24 August 2018—Second Annual General Meeting, Junction City Office Tower, Yangon
• 27 June 2019—Third Annual General Meeting, Junction City Office Tower, Yangon
• 25 February 2020—Fourth Annual General Meeting, Pan Pacific Hotel, Yangon

Board of Direcotrs/Chairman
Asset-Liability Committee (ALCO) Risk Management Committee Credit Committee Remuneration Committee Audit Committee
1. Assess the probability of various liquidity shocks and interest-rate scenarios.

2. Position the bank to handle the most likely of these scenarios at minimum cost (impact on earnings and capital) while still achieving a reasonable level of profitability.

3. Allocate the bank’s remaining assets and liabilities to meet risk and profitability object.

1. To propose to the Board for overall risk policies.
1.1 Risk Appetite and Strategy
1.2 Risk Concentration Levels
1.3 Risk Policy Approval &
2. To formulate strategies, monitor
and ensure that risks are at
appropriate levels.
3. To approve the appointment,
review of committee structure and
composition, and roles and duties
of the management – level risk
management committees.
4. To report the risk management
performance and all risk
management matters and
measures to BOD and/or Audit
Committee for any improvements
5. To advise on the development
and maintenance of a supportive
culture, in relation to the
management of risk, appropriately
embedded through procedures,
training and leadership actions.
6. To advise on the alignment of
compensation structures in
relation to the management of
1. To approve followings:
1.1 Credits
1.2 Credit Restructuring
1.3 NPL Write-off
1.4 NPA Acquisition / Sales &
2. To review specific credit
proposals for related parties or in
which group limits exceed the SLL
prior to submission to the Board
for approval.
3. To review the credit decisions
of the most senior executive
credit committees.
4. To approve credit and related
risks for transactional investments
or underwriting commitments
which exceed the management’s
approval authority.
1. Review the overall
remuneration structures
policies and ensure to
consistent with the decisions
of the Board.
2. Recommend the amount
of actual remuneration and
3. Approve the actual
remuneration and benefits,
including any incentive.Corporate Governance:
1. Review and recommend to
the Board with policies,
codes, rules and guidelines to
ensure the highest standards.
2. Recommend the
appropriate size and
composition of the Board and
Board Committees.
3. Recommend the criteria
and methods for the periodic
evaluation of the
performance of the Board
and Committees, report the
results to the Board.
1. To review the Bank’s financial statements to ensure accuracy and adequacy.
2. To review and ensure that the Bank has suitable and efficient internal control system and internal audit that internal audit function is independence.
3. To ensure compliance with the laws, regulations and other relevant regulators including compliance report prepared by the Bank’s Compliance unit.
4. To select, nominate and recommend remuneration of the Bank’s external auditor.
5. To approve audit-related and other services engagements with
the Bank’s external auditor.
6. To review connected
transaction or transaction that
may lead to conflict of interest
and disclosed in compliance with
the law.
7. To review the appropriateness
of corrective measures and
actions taken by management in
response to the reports or
instructions from related

Financial Accounts, Financial Statements, Financial Reports and Auditing
Auditing is performed in compliance with Myanmar Company laws, financial institution laws, and constitution. The Internal Audit Department is formed and is performing audit weekly and monthly for the main office and branches. Moreover, banking supervision department is formed which regularly investigates the branches in order to supervise the safety and services.

Appoint of External Auditor
The board of director performs the preliminary screening from a selected group of external auditors that are certified from Myanmar Auditing Council as experienced and capable. Then the selected external auditor is submitted to the Central Bank of Myanmar for approval. The approved external auditor is confirmed at annual general meeting of shareholders. The process is compliant with Myanmar Company Law, Financial Institution Law and the Constitution.

Financial Report and Directors’ Report
Financial report and directors’ report prepared by the external auditor are compiled yearly and delivered before the annual shareholders’ general meeting, and acquire approval for the reports.