Ayeyarwaddy Farmers Development Bank (A bank) is established in accordance with the Central Bank of Myanmar Notification (3/2014). The company was incorporated with National Planning and Economic Development  on 22nd December, 2014 in accordance with the Myanmar Companies Law. The bank license MaBaBa/P-34/(11)2015 was received from the Central Bank of Myanmar on 17 November 2015. The first branch was established in Pathein and the commercial banking services are offered.


To become an innovative and dynamic bank in Myanmar with strong commitments to cultivate positive and sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders.


  • To deliver authentic, accessible, adjustable, advanced and accommodating products and services
  • To employ asset-light, cost-efficient and digital-driven approach
  • To leverage our network of local and international partners to deliver positive impacts
  • To strengthen national financial inclusion efforts with providing accessible and equal financial opportunity for all underserved populations through innovative channels

Corporate Values

    (1) Accountability
    We all shall implement our responsibilities with full accountability as individuals and as an organization.

    (2) Integrity and honesty
    Each employee must have integrity and honesty as we work for a bank (financial institution).  Each employee’s honesty is an attribute of our bank.

    (3) Teamwork
    We value collective success over individual success. We will improve our bank’s image by working as a team to achieve success.

    (4) Innovation
    Innovation is the lifeblood of every business in today’s ever-changing world. We will strive towards innovation as individuals and as an organization.

    (5) Diversity
    Our bank diversifies the investment by investing in diverse sectors and practices non-discrimination in hiring people. It is A Bank’s policy to embrace diversity and strive for success.