A bank Family initiating " A Day With The Kids" Program at YGW Orphanage

with the community

A day with the kids 

(YGW orphanage, Taikkyi)

On 20th May 2022, Friday, led by our Deputy CEO, U Ye Htun Oo, 100 proud members of A bank and Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings HQ staff volunteered from their duties to visit the YGW, Taikkyi orphanage to spend the day with children. 

Our future generation is essential for the nation’s foundation. Health, Education, and Happiness are the most critical factors contributing to a positive upbringing.

YGW School provides food and shelter for more than 600 children, from infants to high school seniors. We provided afternoon entertainment and meals for the day. We donated a month worth of staple food supplies, clothing, stationaries, and care kits for the 600 children of all ages and gender. We organized an afternoon entertainment program for children, coordinated by graduate students of the national university of arts and culture and preschool teachers. We were incredibly proud to see the courage of the children who came forward and performed with the band. 

The YGW has been a place dear to our hearts, but this year, we have made a stronger commitment to visit them as often as we can to give emotional and financial support. 

Our CEO, Mr. Chongho Yoon, has advocated a series of social initiatives through our staff members, pledging 8,000 volunteer hours to the workforce this year. We recognize that our success would not be possible without the support we receive from the community. Hence, we encourage our employees to give back to a wide spectrum of society and find a greater purpose through work. The time we give is the greatest gift and investment to express our devotion to the community.