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As part of our sustainability strategy, we are committed to issuing an annual sustainability report that follows the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) standards. This is our first sustainability report, and the report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI standards. This report provides information on our social, environmental and governance achievements and commitments until financial year 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020 (“FY 2019-2020) and covers data and activities from A Bank’s operations in Myanmar, the main operating market of A Bank PLC. We provide a fair and balanced representation of our activities and progress, as outlined in our Bank reporting principles.
This report create on the Bank’s main material aspects and based on our operations, strategy, community needs and sector specifications. This sustainability report is available in PDF at https://www.abank.com.mm.


Dear Stakeholders,
Welcome to our sustainability report, in which we emphasize A bank’s progress and achievements in the social, environmental and economic fields for the year 2020 in accordance with the new GRI standards.
Since 2015, A bank has been creating opportunities and helping business, and we have evolved in tandem with the societies around us. We have a special responsibility to create long-term value for all the stakeholders and to contribute to the sustainability of the societies.
I firmly believe that our Bank is a community within a wider society and we are proud of our sustainability goals. On the other hand we remained focused on expending our social impact by engaging our staff in diverse community-based activities through volunteering.
We acknowledge that sustainability is a journey and we are increasing our investments in 2020 across a number of areas to promote and develop our accountability and leadership and also to embrace sustainability in everything we do and deliver positive societal impact.
Ultimately, it is all about contributing to the long-term success and sustainability of A Bank and of the societies we are part of.

Chief Executive Officer
Ayeyarwaddy Farmers Development Bank


Our Information and Our goals
Established on December 3, 2014, under Notification No. 3, 2014 by the Central Bank of Myanmar and the Company was registered on December 22, 2014 in accordance with the Myanmar Companies Law. We got Commercial Banking License No. MAB/P-34/ (11) 2015 on November 17, 2015 and the first branch of Pathein was opened on 17 November, 2015.
We have entrenched good corporate governance in our business, while setting the tone that supports moral righteousness, transparency, and fairness. We adhere to the highest principles of ethical conduct surpass all statutory prerequisites in taking our business to the next level as we are committed to responding to expectations of stakeholders, communities, and society. We has undertaken its business in strict compliance with the Financial Institutions Law, 2016 and notifications and regulations of the Central Bank of Myanmar, as well as other related regulatory requirements. Our Bank conducts the fundamental commercial banking business, including Remittance Services, Loans, Corporate and International Trade Financing.
After all, we have 19 branches in various division of Myanmar territory.

Our Vision, Mission and our Core Values

To become an innovative and dynamic bank in Myanmar with strong commitments to cultivate positive and sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders.

• To deliver authentic, accessible, adjustable, advanced and accommodating products and services
• To employ asset-light, cost-efficient and digital-driven approach
• To leverage our network of local and international partners to deliver positive impacts
• To strengthen national financial inclusion efforts with providing accessible and equal financial opportunity for all underserved populations through innovative channels
Core Values
Integrity, Service Excellence, Innovation, and Dynamic.


Products and Services

Personal Banking
A bank provides a wide range of personal banking financial services. Each one is suits to your various requirements and to help grow you’re financial desires, the range of services includes:
Savings Deposit Account
– Education Deposit Account
– Special Deposit Account
– Fixed Deposit Account

Business Banking
Since 2015, A bank has been provided of financial solutions for corporate and institutional customers. The range of services includes:
– Current Account
– Saving Deposit Account
– Fixed Deposit Account
– Call Deposit Account
– Loans
– Safe Deposit
– International Remittance
– Payment Order

Digital and International Banking
A bank is committed to provide our customers who want to grow their worldwide business; we always support to achieve their goals using our following products and services:
– International Remittance
– Trade Finance
– Foreign Currency Account
– mBanking and iBanking

Our Strategies
We will be flexible in the delivery of our strategy, effectively prioritizing across competing demands, while safeguarding delivery of our fundamental work, and responding to changes in the external environment. During the past few years, we has made significant strides in the socio-economic development financial area. That is why we decided to partner with the Kasikornbank (K Bank). I would like to use our vision as the very epitome of the Bank’s objective in the next decade to contribute to accelerated regional integration and be a catalyst for growth-generating investments in the region. Also we expect the principles for responsible banking to become a benchmark for the conduct of Banks, and we see them as an important framework for stepping up our efforts.

Management of sustainability
At A bank, sustainability is an integral part of our day-to-day operations, through clear management lines. In 2020, we established the department, which coordinates all the sustainability efforts across the Bank with other departments through the sustainability Champions. All member reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on all progress on sustainability programs and initiatives.

Compliance Screening
We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our financial system and to applying appropriate controls to prevent the misuse and criminal exploitation of our products and services. Individual and Company screening searches the name of an individual or company against government restricted party lists. The manual entry of the names of individuals or companies and the selection of search in the OFAC sanction lists and DICA websites, which can vary widely depending on those selections. And KYC checks are done through an independent and reliable source of documents, data, or information. Each client is required to provide credentials to prove identity and address. We are in line with the KYC procedure and risk assessment guide line of Central Bank of Myanmar.

Creditors’ rights (For A bank)

A bank’s main creditors include individuals, groups, and organizations that have deposited savings. A bank is committed to providing absolute confidence for the depositors as a strong financial institution.

A bank has established the Customer Service Department in order to provide best-in-class customer service and satisfaction. A bank has provided dedicated hotline numbers as well as other online channels such as social media and website to resolve customer complaints.
A bank is committed to becoming a transparent financial institution. A bank is devoted to protect the personal information of the customers as private and confidential and ensure that the personal information of the customers is not shared with unaffiliated third parties.

A bank always treats the Creditor’s rights as a priority. A bank’s Risk Management Committee fulfilling its oversight responsibilities on risk management policies to minimize the risks inherent in the businesses of the bank and the control processes with respect to such risks.

Details KPIs
1. Employee Engagement 1- Monthly Birthday Celebration
2-Weekly Meeting
3-Annual Staff Party
2. Turnover 01 Oct 2020 to 30 June 2020
11.24% for Supervisory Level ( Senior Executive to HOD Level)
12.94% for Non Supervisory Level
3. Absenteeism Rate 01 Oct 2020 to 30 June 2020
4. Training 01 Oct 2020 to 30 June 2020
Total number of employees trained : 111
Total amount of Training : 9
5. Career Development/Appraisal 1- Twice per year (Performance Appraisal)
2- Refreshment Training
3- Support career development training
6. Equal Opportunity Employment Up to 30 June 2020
By Gender
Total Employees – 653
Male – 293

A bank is implementing strategies to reduce air pollution, fuel, and electric power consumption in order to promote environmental preservation. When performing office operations, A bank encourages and establish guidelines for employees to go paperless by taking advantage of digitalized processes, and using both sides of paper when using paper, keeping digitalized records systematically, using email system for internal communication, establishing and enforcing the Clean Desk Policy, reducing CO2 emission, arranging carpools to reduce fuel consumption, and establishing guidelines for power usage in order to reduce electric power consumption.

Corporate Social Responsibility
In terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, A bank is providing assistance in the following projects and areas of work: providing loans for electricity projects, deep-water port projects, supporting projects for agriculture and animal husbandry, providing increased interest rates for deposits from children education funds, and also providing increased interest rates for deposits from other education and humanitarian funds.